Why jim? Why now?

Experienced, Effective, Trusted

Jim is uniquely qualified to provide you & your business with organizational analysis & training, including the development of highly successful selling cultures, essential skills, & practical, transparent, authentic approaches that enable your team to successfully connect with others - the key to a thriving, high-performance environment.

Experience Includes:

  • Sales, Management & Guest Experience Expert
  • Consulted & Trained in Hundreds of Companies in Four Countries​
  • ​Graduate of NADA Dealer Candidate Academy 
  • ​Graduate of Numerous Mercedes-Benz Leadership Programs Including:
  • West Point Military Academy, NY
  • Experience working with Manufacturers Including Mercedes-Benz & Audi
  • ​Nine Year Management Tenure in the World's Most Successful Dealership
  • Call-Center, BDC, Software, Client-Retention Training Expertise

Whether your industry, company, team or group serves the public, the community or a constituency, Jim's professional training approach introduces practical, successful ways for you & your staff to serve more meaningfully from a foundation of individual & organizational health.  

This begins with learning more effective ways to communicate & work together with prospects, management, other departments, vendors, affiliates & competitors.  A highly respected sales & management consultant, Jim teaches unique, innovative methods that encourage better attitudes & activities that achieve outstanding, sustainable results with less stress & conflict.

Are You Prepared to Thrive?

"Change is constant! Yet the great majority of companies & individuals have the same reactions to it: deny it's happening, deny it needs to happen, or rebel against it until it's too late. We can be architects or victims, but change is coming! 

Great leaders know that the realization of their vision is vitally dependent upon how their subordinates process change."  JG

Ready for a discussion?

Software isn't everything. Training people well is.

“Jim is an analog consultant in an industry that seems to think only digital solutions will fix problems. His very personal approach to working with people, naturally & effectively, builds trust."  

Jeff Schipani - Audi Experience

Practical Sales Business and Management Consulting

Jim is the right business and management consultant / training professional to teach your staff crucial better-practices necessary to thrive in any market.  

Consider engaging Jim in a no-cost phone consultation to discuss 

the right approach for your organization today.

Other Industries Served

  • Hospitality
  • Sales Teams
  • Sports Teams
  • Entertainment
  • Government
  • Education
  • Faith/Recovery*

*Speaking/training initiatives that benefit charities, crisis/recovery/addiction audiences and ministry related venues are delivered without speaking fees 

subject to schedule availability.