current Offerings


Evaluation & Recommendation Visit

Jim will provide one to five days observing & evaluating your overall business culture, processes, management interactions, staff cohesiveness, communication, guest experiences & performance standards/matrices.  Leadership will be provided a summary of observations & recommendations privately, and/or in an executive wrap-up meeting with key team members to discuss & agree upon which new actions/disciplines will be incorporated into their new mission directives.

Additionally, follow-up visits can be arranged for any offering to assess progress, determine further needs, recommend changes or to train/re-train staff if necessary in order to achieve sustained growth & success.

Facilitated Management Roundtable

In a dynamic two to five hour workshop format, in or outside the workplace, Jim will facilitate a roundtable discussion with built-in soft-topics & exercises centered around your unique challenges & opportunities.  In the final segment, members make commitments on the group consensus of new standards of management behavior, processes, rules & their enforcement, staff performances & activity progress.​​

Individual or Small Group Coaching

We are all limited by what we don't know.  Any great golfer would have had a difficult time learning the game without great coaching, both in groups & one-on-one sessions with a skilled instructor.  Like athletics, sales competence isn't achieved in a vacuum.  Investing in personal time with a dedicated mentor & performance coach affords the recipient a high degree of tailored attention necessary to become a champion.  As you raise your level of personal & professional success, your loved-ones, colleagues, guests, clients & employers all become beneficiaries.  The potential rewards are extraordinary.  Ask for more details & book your first session today.


Professional Blind Spots

"Most professional writers are blind to their own errors.  That's why they never edit their own work.  For the same reason, progressive, successful leaders often seek outside experts to examine their organizations & reveal missed opportunities & inevitable, costly blind spots.  Are friendships and/or allegiances preventing objectivity, fairness, or creating an apathetic corporate cultural or legal liability?  Are there innovative processes or better practices not being utilized that may lead to breakthroughs & higher revenue?  Investing in a fresh set of trained eyes & perspectives may lead to performance improvement, better guest & staff experiences, & shelter from an eventual economic storm."  JG


Full-Day Essential Skills Workshop

The Five Phases of World Class Sales Performance

This intensive, full-day off-site sales & management workshop is segmented into six fast-paced interactive parts - five instructional & one group exercise, formatted to occupy a 9:00am to 5:00pm time frame, which includes a 45 minute lunch break, three fifteen minute breaks & ending with a wrap-up Q&A session. Continental breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon snacks & nonalcoholic beverages are included.

     Some of the contemporary topics discussed include: 

  • Developing championship skills for today's market
  • The secrets to modern, loyal retail sales success
  • The crucial new 80/20 rule 
  • A new selling vocabulary - words that succeed & fail
  • The top three concerns of every guest & customer
  • What constitutes trust? 
  • Three keys to master effective communication
  • The unexpected benefits of rejection
  • Single biggest threat to retail sales today
  • ​The most forgotten gesture in retail that kills sales

    Learn How To:

  • Achieve more & consistent success
  • Accelerate trade-in cycles
  • Set more & better quality appointments
  • Drive more & better quality traffic
  • Establish a client retention & loyalty culture
  • Establish better sales & management processes
  • Master the service-drive
  • Set sustainable expectations


  • Sell more, earn more, fail less
  • More & better quality trade-ins
  • Higher volume & gross profit
  • Less impact from competitors
  • Less impact from traffic cycles
  • Engaging in activities that drive results
  • Better control of the selling process
  • Improved appointment, show & closing skills


Current Reality

"Even if you're happy with your current reality, how much more successful would you be if everyone raised their game?  The ugly truth is that in most dealerships, pervasive mismanagement of retail sales efforts by salespeople, managers & call-centers reps result in widespread corruption of client portfolio data due to over-mining, ineffective/counterproductive approaches, & outdated, inauthentic propositions.  Ask any athlete & they'll tell you that practicing bad habits lead to more bad results.  Your sales-staff members are sales athletes.  Make certain they are well trained, monitored for meeting performance expectations, accuracy, integrity, & consistently giving your guests & customers the very best experiences, while delivering you the best results - a win-win for everyone."  JG


New offering


30 Keys to Greater Results Now™

EVERYONE is capable of greater results.  These 30 KEYS will 

help boost your team's results THE VERY FIRST DAY!

Choose Your Desired ​​Format: Live Sales Meeting, Half-Day 

or Full Day Expanded Session - Great for New-Hires.

What Your Team Will Learn

  • Key to Becoming a CHAMPION 
  • 3 Irrefutable Keys to INCREASE SALES Now
  • Key to Setting More APPOINTMENTS
  • Key to CONNECTING with Guests Faster
  • 3 Essential Keys to Earning TRUST
  • ​Key to Why People LEAVE UNSOLD
  • ​​Keys to Better Client RETENTION
  • Key to Overcoming Most OBJECTIONS
  • Keys to More Effective FOLLOW-UP
  • ​Key to Successful SECOND CHANCES
  • ​Keys to Better PRESENTATIONS
  • ... And MUCH More!

“The Audi Western U.S. leadership team highly recommends Jim’s services"  Audi of America Inc.

Fees & scheduling


​​​For information about fees & scheduling for any of these offerings or custom events for your specific needs, including offerings for other industries served, contact Jim today!



Usually held during early mornings before shifts begin on each of up to three consecutive days (7am to 9am Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for example,) key managers & their leader(s) choose several topics from the list of critical questions to tackle as a team, mapping processes, establishing imperatives, evaluating staff, eliminating pain-points & forming a strong united front in favor of people & activities that have the highest likelihood of success.  If locale & schedule permit, meetings can be held one day per week for an indefinite period of time or until the intent is established and the discipline exists to hold them regularly without facilitation.


Other Available Workshops & Seminar Series


Transformational Affirmation Masterclass™

Virtually all successful people share certain common traits, disciplines & routines that contribute to their consistent quality of life.  Success isn't always about money.  Whether your aspirations involve health, prosperity, spirituality, philanthropy, volunteerism, relationships, sports, travel, promotion or any number of goals, this workshop will provide unique instruction on how to focus attention to your clear life-objectives; even your wildest dreams, through a series of group exercises, discussions & how-to's.

Revolutionary Selling - Reinventing the Team™

If you have a traditional sales department with classic management structures, commission pay plans, bonus programs, various partitioned departments such as fleet, internet & maturity, perhaps it's time to explore the future of contemporary automotive retail showroom operations.  In these meetings with principals, Jim will lay out a series of options worthy of consideration for the establishment of streamlined, simplified, consumer-friendly & highly profitable selling paradigms.

Selling in a Storm™ - How to Thrive in a Downturn

Perhaps you're fortunate to represent a popular brand with best-selling models in a robust economy  - a seller's market.  Congratulations, but history would suggest it will not last forever.  Economies cycle, new "star" brands & models emerge, consumer tastes & loyalties sway.  Whether you are facing challenges now or to come, ask yourselves if you are equipped to face them.  What does that look like?  Do you have the financial & human capital necessary to survive?  Where do you trim if necessary?  How do you reinvent, adapt, evolve into a thriving, sustaining company?  These are examples of topics which will be discussed within a multi-departmental Q&A workshop designed to encourage & empower the free sharing of ideas between rank & file with leadership & managers to propose solutions, new policies & processes necessary to weather the storm.  For salespeople, in  separate workshops, discussion & instruction center around selling fundamentals, innovative marketing initiatives, lead-handling & highly effective follow-up disciplines. With the management team, instruction surrounds a profound shift in focus & a new path to meaningful, results-driven leadership.

Lunch Break TeleMeeting™

On occasion, even the best leaders and successful staff members will benefit from a conversation about best practices, frustrating obstacles or simply to gain some professional clarity. I'm reminded of a proverb (15:22) that says, "Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisors bring success." Consider an occasional lunch-break meeting by phone/video conference with yourself or a small group to discuss challenging topics or ask questions. One new idea, solution or action-plan can translate into tangible revenue & increased market-share. That's the power of meaningful coaching.